The budget mom expense tracker positive start

Pcture of a woman thinking about budget making

So, it’s precisely noon, local time. Aug 2020 to be more specific. Almost, and I mean, very sluggish Monday in the workplace. I gaze at my desktop for a clean half an hour, looking at nothing in particular, thinking about my life and where I am so far. No budget mom expense tracker or anything.

A woman taking notes about personal finance on a laptop
Taking notes about personal finance Using a budget app


 Then I remember COVID-19 and how it’s changing how we work and interact….and voila!! It’s time to teach my people “how to make side hustle.”

I decide to write – how to achieve success through a personal finance tracker. As I begin to type, I envision myself decades back. A successful mom is going through this, proudly saying, “This, I started from this madness.” I will clearly remember a million ideas that are going through my mind right now. Writers, or “used-to-be writers,” absolutely get whatever I’m trying to say.

There comes a moment when you feel like the only solution to your current problem is writing. And so you begin jotting down whatever crazy thing that pops up first. You move from engineering to psychology, to motherhood, to fashion, and even a little bit of carpentry.

Therefore, dear reader, in as much as I’d like to give a clear sense of direction for this personal finance journey. I’m eagerly looking forward to the end, just like you.

The daily rituals of budget mom begin

Today is one “mawkish” day for me, no reason in particular. Just one of those days you wake up to a baby with severe separation anxiety.  He cries for a clean 30 minutes because she understands mamma.

So, we first work on the crying then on the sleep. And for those dealing with 10-month olds, know that weekends are never enough. Besides, anytime before 7 am is still too early.

So I get done with the baby, by now, I’m more than 30 minutes late. So, I continue with the rest of my BS like its no “biggie.” And because a girl doesn’t have a DL, I have to use public means, which is another hustle entirely. Anyone reading this will understand my struggle because of the recent 16% VAT increases on fuel.

Struggle for the PSVs themselves, then later on fights with touts because of crazy hikes on fares .….story for another day.

What else

I shall not lament now, so let’s say I got to work safe, one hour later. Well, mamma. Next, tries my desktop; the system has crashed, the worst part, only on my desktop.

You go, girl. I reach for the nicely packed fruits that I adamantly prepared the previous night. In the spirit of healthy eating, and wow….they are sitting neatly on the kitchen counter. AT HOME!! Sigh. It’s during such moments where you sit and ask God, quietly and politely, “Is it because yesterday I slept in and missed church?”

By then, my Monday meeting is in 30 minutes. So, I sit down to a hot cup of white coffee and coax my desktop into coming back to life. Just for clarity purposes, though, we have high tech computers at my place of work. Besides, it has a high-speed internet connection, if at all that helps, lol.

Random thoughts

It’s just that sometimes; the devil sends a rejuvenated Mr. Bad-luck on your way.  He strives to get to you in the tiniest way possible. Oh, and he’s successful most of the time. My desktop finally decides to work, hallelujah! And my slow day kicks off, officially.

Thus, I end up here. ‘Writing.’ And feeling proud of myself for I’ll finally be able to tick one item off my 2020 bucket-list …………

The day is Tuesday, July 27th. I’m at home, in bed. No work today. No result for months now. No writing, Covid-19 is still around.

I had meant to post the write-up above the same day I wrote it, but midway, I lost my inspiration. I can’t say I never got my mojo back during the 13 months that passed.  I did. But, it came back accompanied by fear, self-doubt, and, naturally, tons of procrastination.

What I need to do next

Start a daily budget mom tracker

I come to realize that many budget moms don’t even think about tracking their budget. In that connection, I come up with this tracking list to help me manage my expense.

Check account statements

The first question I need to ask is, “do budget mom checks account ” more often.

If yes, then why do I have to check the bank statement?

I need to check my statement so as:

  • Identify early fraudulent activities
  • To give me an idea of my income vs. expense

Use a budget app

It’s time for budget mom to capitalize on these budget apps to help me saves more. The list is vast, but I find Mint and Dollarbird very intuitive.

Create an expense category

Expense categories are things such as car expenses, subscriptions, donations, equipment, entertainment, and more. The expense category will help me visualize where I’m spending more.